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Neti Pot Helps With Allergies

The south is heating up, and even the mountain air is thick with pollen and dust, as well as pollution from nearby cities and increased travel traffic. Allergy season is in full swing along with congestion, headaches and overall lack of energy. Other than dietary factors, irrigating your sinuses may be one of the easiest daily practices for finding relief. Using a stainless steel Neti Pot is an authentic cleansing practice that helps to free the respiratory system from stress.


-Fill the Neti Pot with very warm water, test by pouring on inside of arm.

-Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of non-iodized sea salt.

-Stir well.

-Place end of spout into top nostril with head tilted to the side. Body is resting in a position with torso forward and knees bent.

-Breathe through the mouth. This will open the nose for the water to flow.

-Lift the vessel until the water creates a continuous stream through top nostril and out the bottom one. Breathe through mouth to relax sinuses.

-Use a full Pot for this nostril and then blow nose gently. Refill Pot wit salt and warm water. Repeat on other side. Spend time breathing in through the mouth and out through the nose to dry the sinuses. This will have both a calming and awakening effect for the personís awareness, instead of sleepy and groggy from allergies.

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A good source for a stainless steel Neti Pot is This website also offers information about the recommended frenquency of this practice. Why Metal? It is light-weight and wonít break like ceramic if dropped. And, it travels well.